Poor Ensign O'Herlihy - he didn't last more than ten minutes in the episode: Arena (ST:TOS)
Poor Ensign O’Herlihy – he didn’t last more than ten minutes in the episode: Arena (ST:TOS)

This is a blog, not a battleground.

My recent experiences with Star Trek fans have not been all hearts and flowers. In fact, I’ve found a number of people to be down-right rude, insulting and quick to pass judgement.

So let me say one thing right here, right now: “There’s no room for that here.”

This blog is intended to celebrate all things Star Trek – whether they’re produced and licensed by CBS or Paramount or whether they’re created by a fan in his basement or with her friends at school. The phrase “Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations” was more than just a cool merchandising idea thought up by an opportunistic producer (which, frankly, it was), it’s also a laudable standard to keep in mind.

So keeping that principle in mind, you are welcomed and encouraged to comment on blog posts (which, by the way, automatically shut down two weeks after posting). But there will be some rules:

  1. In order to leave a post, you have to register with the website. Transparency and accountability are paramount. Anyone using aliases to try and disguise who they are won’t be approved. You need to own what you say.
  2. Keep it civil and encouraging. If I see too much negativity, you’ll get one warning and if you don’t heed it, I’ll show you the door.
  3. I love to see new things and listen to new ideas. If you’ve got one, send it to me, please don’t leave it in a comment that might get lost in the shuffle. If I agree with you, I’ll blog about it and make you famous (I give credit where it’s due).
  4. I’ll do my best to review and approve posts several times throughout the day – but, honestly, I work for a living, so there may be periods where it’s really hard to stay on top of things.  If you post a comment, know that I will read EVERY comment.  In most incidents, when I disagree or question claims made by a commenter, I usually email that person back to discuss it first. If you post something and haven’t heard back, but your comment hasn’t surfaced on the blog (yet), it’s because I’m buried at work and will get to it as soon as possible.

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