The voyages continue.


Stardate 70261.2

The first Star Trek Comic "The Planet of No Return" (published July 1967)
The first Star Trek Comic “The Planet of No Return” (published July 1967)

I was a grieving Star Trek fan after the cancellation of the initial series and the failure after failure of bringing it back throughout the 1970’s (I don’t count the animated series because, frankly, it was flat-out weird). So where did I find my Trek during those formative years? In re-runs, sure, but also in the various novelizations that were published by Fawcett Books back then.

And although I was a big comic book collector at the time, I never found Star Trek comics (at least the ones published by Gold Key Comics) to be particularly interesting. One of the things I found particularly confounding about the early Trek comics is that the illustrators and story tellers hadn’t seem to ever seen the show. I mean they had fire coming out of the Enterprise’s nacelles.

There are, of course, nearly 50 years of Star Trek Comics (Comics Alliance does a great job breaking them down here).  Responsibility for Star Trek in comics continued to shift from publisher to publisher (Marvel, DC, Marvel (again), WildStorm, etc.) and I had given up until JJ Abrams and company teamed up with IDW to create the prequel comics in advance of the 2009 Star Trek re-boot (or re-imagining, if you prefer).  It was the Star Trek: Countdown series and it was my first exposure to Star Trek in comics since the 1970’s.

Truth be told, I liked the comic books better than the movie (and I wasn’t the only one), but I was glad to see Trek was back.

The on-going missions of our friends at Star Fleet have continued since then. IDW has been publishing some delightful stories including the ST:TNG Waypoint saga (click here for a review of Waypoint #1) and the Boldly Go series which debuts on Wednesday. In Boldly Go #1 (which is set in the Kelvin-verse), Capt. Kirk and Bones take off on the Starship Endeavor and eventually run into The Borg (the conflict is set for December) as does Mr. Spock in January of 2017.  Here’s more from the folks at Bleeding Cool News.

So, what’s your favorite Star Trek comic series? If you need a quick refresher, here’s the most comprehensive list of all of the Star Trek Comics I was able to find on the Internet (and it’s pretty darned comprehensive).  Post your answer in the comments section below.