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Stardate 70271.2

I had some time Thursday night and started surfing the ‘net to look deep and see what kind of interesting or odd Star Trek-related stuff I could find. Call it “exploring new places in search of signs of civilization” or something like that. All I can say is: “Mission Accomplished” – here’s a run-down of the odd, fun, silly and amazing for you to enjoy through the weekend …

A scene from Tim Vining’s animated fan film series: “Aurora”

New Trek Stories from the Fans’ Imaginations
As you can tell by the ad on the website, I’m a fan of Jonathan Lane’s Fan Film Factor. His most recent post, about Star Trek: Aurora (now called simply “Aurora”) and their latest episode is thorough and insightful. Back in February, Jonathan wrote a lengthy piece on filmmaker/animator Tim Vining and the entire Star Trek: Aurora project (you’ll find it here).  It’s a fun idea and an interesting execution. Enjoy!

DIY Trek
I’m not much of a “crafter” – I know there are some people who love to make their own knick-knacks, can their vegetables, sew their own clothes, etc. I think that’s great – just not for me. But I did find a series of “how to” videos on the Glue Guns and Phasers blog that I thought were interesting enough to share. Well, at least this one.

GG&P shares Trek-related craft projects with Star Trek fans who might have a hankerin’ for such a thing.

Say you just returned from the surface of a dusty and dirty planet where you were forced to roll around on the ground with a large, reptilian alien. The clothes can be replaced easily enough, but what do you use to help clean up when you’re in the shower? Star Trek Soap, of course. Here’s how you make it …

And while we’re on the subject of DIY-Trek, check out this blog post on homemade Star Fleet uniforms for kids to wear this Halloween.  The pictures alone (our featured image) make it worth the read.

Ashley Rose is The Generic Ensign on the My Year of Star Trek blog
Ashley Rose is The Generic Ensign on the My Year of Star Trek blog

The Generic Ensign
We highlighted the blog My Year of Star Trek in a previous post and are entertained by the meta-commentary of The Generic Ensign’s reports on ST:TNG episodes. In this episode, Ashley Rose (The Generic Ensign) discusses three TNG episodes: Qpid, The Mind’s Eye and Clues.  Well done, Ashley …

What the Future Could Be
The PopMatters blog published an interesting piece last week about what kind of future the technology in the Kelvinverse version of Star Trek presents to today’s society and what about it makes it seem so “real” or “possible.” It’s an interesting lesson for those who are interested in subjects like production design, prop-making and costuming …

When we see visions of the future (especially from a design perspective) they tend to be extremely simplistic and task / problem orientated, so keeping that human complexity is what makes Star Trek more believable; the way in which they, as fleshed out individuals, react to technology is more interesting and less predictable.

It’s a fairly detailed and technical expose on the presentation of technology in Nu-Trek and even for those who aren’t fans of the JJ Abrams’ re-tooling of our familiar universe, the article is well worth the read.

Looking Fabulous
How could I have missed this for the past few weeks – there’s a Tumblr concerning Star Trek TNG fashion.  And while some of the posts aren’t all that fashion-oriented, I thoroughly enjoyed browsing through this blog to see what its authors Charlie and Anna have found to be worth sharing.

Make it so … or is that “sew”?

At Home with Star Trek
forbes-com_-e1473964724225And while we’re on the subject of how Trek has influenced fashion, let’s not stop there.  Here’s a piece on the Zing blog about how Star Trek has influenced the design and construction of homes around the country.  Some of these homeowners re-decorated their favorite rec room (or “man cave”) on their own, building lighted control panels and command stations that recreated everything from the bridge of the NX-01 Enterprise (Star Trek: Enterprise).

Florida-based, real estate developer Marc Bell had a TNG-inspired media room built in his 27,000 square foot mansion in Boca Raton, FL. That may be the perfect place to watch Star Trek: First Contact or both haves of “The Best of Both Worlds” (Part I) and (Part II).

So with that, I think I’ll go re-watch my TOS Blu-Rays and re-charge my UFP power cells.

Have a great weekend.