We have lift-off!


Stardate 70225.8

I’ve always wanted to write about Star Trek. I’ve been a fan as far back as I can remember – originally watching James T. Kirk, Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy along with the rest of the original crew, saving the galaxy late at night on NBC. But I was just a small kiddo back then.

My real love for Star Trek came in the early 70’s with the daily reruns after school. I’d delay practicing the piano to watch catch an episode (even clunkers like Spock’s Brain were better than practicing the piano). But when it was good, Star Trek was really good. And for an imaginative kid with a little brother who was always willing to go on an adventure, Star Trek took us places traditional TV fare just couldn’t match.

We made phasers out of Legos. We transported ourselves outside to the yard where we’d fight Klingons and Gorn. We even tried to convince our kid sister to go down the laundry chute because it was our home’s Jeffries Tube.

All in the name of Star Trek.

Now there’s so much Star Trek, it’s hard to keep it all straight. There’s cannon and fannon Trek. There’s the JJ-verse (now referred to as the Kelvin timeline) and there’s the Prime universe. There are comics and novels and online games and, of course, fan films.

This blog celebrates all of it. And while I might have a little fun poking at some silliness from time to time, I’m not keeping this blog to make a point about one person or another. I don’t want to talk about “controversies” and dysfunction in the world of Star Trek. I just want to share what I find as I surf the web and discover strange new places, as I seek out new sites and visions of the future, I hope to boldly go where …. oh, you get the idea.

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