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There’s news about Star Trek almost every day. But while I try to find consistent themes in the news and then blog about them, not every day provides the necessary inspiration. So here’s a quick round-up of the fun bits and bobs I found online throughout the day – maybe there’s something in here you haven’t seen before. Be sure to let me know what you like in the comment section below …

Favorite Trek Movies
Rolling Stone arrives a little late to Trek’s 50th anniversary celebration by posting the results of their reader’s poll on the ten best Star Trek movies – seriously, I would have thought this poll would have come out this past summer. I’ll cut Rolling Stone a little slack, though, because I like their straight-forward approach to telling a story:

For many years, all Trekkies knew that the even-numbered Star Trek movies were great and the odd-numbered ones were shit. That pretty much held from the release of the Star Trek: The Motion Picture, in 1979, all the way through the 1998 release of Star Trek: Insurrection. Then came 2002’s Star Trek: Nemesis, a film that had an even number next to it and was abysmally bad that it prematurely killed off the entire Next Generation franchise and forced Paramount to literally reboot the entire universe.

Hahaha … so true.

The only thing I think is a little whack on their countdown is that Star Trek: Into Darkness made their list. That movie was a tragic disappointment as far as I’m concerned.

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Pogo via BoingBoing
This awesome remix piece by Pogo surfaced on BoingBoing today and has been a success on YouTube, racking up over a quarter of a million views in its first day. Check it out …

A Muslim on the USS Discovery?
Movie Pilot offers this thoughtful blog post on a cultural breakthrough that’s tailor-made for the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery series … feature a Star Fleet officer who’s a Muslim.

Citing the inclusive tradition established by Gene Roddenberry in the original series, the editors at Movie Pilot think ST: Discovery’s show-runner, Bryan Fuller, needs to create a Muslim character to play the role in the ensemble originally taken by the Russian character, Pavel Chekov:

With the newest Trek show — Star Trek: Discovery — promising to fulfill the same aim of inclusivity, there’s no doubt that the cast will be as diverse as The Original Series. But it’s the character of Chekov that Discovery should really try to emulate, and we don’t mean by putting a Russian on the bridge. – Movie Pilot

As interesting and thoughtful as the blog post is, you should take a minute or two to read the comments left by Trek fans who object to this very idea. It’s just a symptom of the toxicity I’ve found in the larger Star Trek community when fans have their familiar perceptions challenged by new ideas – an inevitability, really, if the creative franchise is to keep growing and remaining relevant.

st-reference-guideThe Okudas Throw the Book at Us
Controversy aside, I’d like to take a minute to congratulate and thank Denise and Mike Okuda on the debut of their latest project, the Star Trek Encyclopedia: A Reference Guide to the Future. Originally released in 1994, this update includes details and trivia from the latest movies and Star Trek: Enterprise. You can read a more comprehensive overview of the project from The Hollywood Reporter here.

And the reviews are very favorable. Here’s a comprehensive overview of the publication from the website: The Borg.