Discovering Discovery.


Stardate 70242.2

I’ve returned from New York Comic-Con with a bag full of goodies and terrific memories. I was there with a friend of mine who paints comic book covers, movie posters and gets to do some occasional production design work – so there was no shortage of opportunities to talk Trek as well as other, venerable sci-fi projects: movies, books, comics and TV shows.

CBS All Access was all over the convention floor and space surrounding the Javits Center, so there was no way you could miss the message that Star Trek: Discovery was on its way. And news hitting the wires and Internet today continues to build on the buzz. This story on DigitalSpy shares George Takei’s views on why he’s excited for the new series and how he hopes it will differ from the new Star Trek films set in the Kelvin timeline.

The original Mr. Sulu is looking for something that carefully balances the big-screen spectacle with issue-led storytelling and, let’s face it, not even all off the original crew movies accomplished that.

DigitalSpy did a great job re-capping everything you need to know about Discovery here, but I thought I’d share a few more bits and bobs I found while serving the web today:

  • Questions about ST:Discovery’s ability to co-exist in the “prime” timeline along with the original series were answered in this article appearing yesterday on the HuffPo.  The article includes an in-depth re-cap of the various time traveling devices used in Star Trek over the years, so make sure your nerd-cap is strapped on securely.
  • SlashFilm does a nice job explaining the background behind the name “Discovery” used in the new series and the need for a fresh perspective at life on a Star Fleet vessel, according to show runner Bryan Fuller.
  • At the end of August, Aint’ It Cool News broke the story that the lead character in ST:Discovery will be called “Number One” in honor of Male Barrett’s character in the original ST:TOS pilot, “The Cage.”
  • Here at AICN also reported (in September) that the release date for ST:Discovery has been moved back to May. (No news at my house as to whether or not this will conflict with our commitment to Game of Thrones – but I doubt it.)What’s not so commonly shared is the information that the delay in Discovery’s launch puts a wrinkle into CBS’s plans for All Access (as reported here in Variety).
  • SlashFilm also provided this handy list of eleven things we know about ST:Discovery which, while entirely spoiler-free, may still be enlightening to those who haven’t bothered to keep up.

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